NX 950 Ceramic concrete grey effect

NEXT125 – NX 950 Ceramic concrete grey effect

The freestanding cooking area in ceramic concrete grey effect appears to have been hewn from a single block. The low plinth lets the cooking area appear to float while the clear line of gaps without handles or grip ledges lets purist hearts skip a beat. Drawers and pull-outs equipped with the mechanical opening aid TIP-ON make this design version possible. In fact, the kitchen contains everything needed to make life easier, such as “Primus” drawer inserts with spice dispensers, knife block and inserts for foil rolls, handy Flex-Boxes that keep drawers and units neat and tidy, next125 cube, the intelligent recess system and wall unit with doors that open at a push. In the functional technology centre houses the oven and steam cooker alongside the dishwasher and fridge which open at a push.



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