NX 870 Fenix onyx black fine matt AFP

NEXT125 – NX 870 Fenix onyx black fine matt AFP

The elegant graining of the larch veneer, its aesthetic appeal which, although understated, still makes a clear statement, turns this next125 kitchen into a piece that is nothing short of exceptional. Especially, the contrast of onyx black and smoked, brushed larch lends particular impact to the deliberately contrasting technical block. As a consistent continuation of this, the minimalist cooking table plays a central part in the kitchen‘s architecture. Matching it, the panel system combines function and looks in a way that flatters the kitchen. The base units, with their extra low plinth of only 5 cm, and the drawers with integrated lighting homogeneously complement the overall impression. There‘s also a “herb garden” – it hangs on the recess panel and is illuminated by a daylight fluorescent tube so that everything grows naturally.



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