NX 620 Natural fir, brushed

NEXT125 – NX 620 Natural fir, brushed

Fir wood – the aura of this soft, warm wood and its resinous fragrance creates a natural primitiveness with its own very special homely charm. Its uniformity and calm makes fir wood, brushed such as that used for next125, ideal for use as panelling and wall cladding, particularly as there are virtually no impurities in the linearly patterned wood. The full effect of natural mood and a calming room climate unfolds in a spaciousness matching the modern alpine architecture which attaches greater value to natural material from the region. The architecture of the kitchen is also impressive, reduced to just a handful of elements. The freestanding cooking island in front of a row of tall units with panels that blend harmoniously with the  harmoniously with the wall. The vertical slim wall units form a contrast underscoring the kitchen‘s light and airy side.



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