NX 510 Agate grey matt velvet

NEXT125 – NX 510 Agate grey matt velvet

Little space for the kitchen, but plenty of space in the kitchen, plus a place for communication in the form of a breakfast bar – that‘s the loft kitchen. What sounds so easy means perfect planning. For instance, the floor-to-ceiling fitted tall units with fronts in exquisite ceramic marble bianco effect, combined with extra storage space in base units in subtle agate grey velvet matt. Contrast and a less formal look come from the open drawers in light-coloured wood which can be used to hold simply everything that needs to be in easy reach. Particular attention has been given to configuring the drawers and pull-outs to make good use of every inch of space. Everything that does not fit into the unit is put on the wall. This is where next125 features the panel system. The sideboard options from our collection show that kitchen and living space can be combined. This creates a “big” kitchen in a small space.



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